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Spa town

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A sightseeing walk around town


The Nádasdy Castle’s group of buildings are the town’s defining element beyond their historical significance, as well. The castle, which stands in the heart of Sárvár, and is most often depicted with its gate tower and the vaulted bridge that spans the castle moat is a part of our national heritage.

We recommend that you start your sightseeing tour here, and the castle will also serve as a handy reference point later, too.

Crossing the red brick bridge we arrive at the castle. The museum’s entrance is situated inside the vaulted hall beyond the gate. Upstairs, one immediately finds the Great Hall, which is one of Hungary’s most imposing Baroque interiors. The wall frescoes depict scenes from the Old Testament, while on the ceiling battlescapes can be seen. The museum’s rooms are home to thematical exhibits (historical, on the history of printing and cartography, of applied arts). The constantly expanding collection and exhibit on hussars (cavalry) is of international importance.

The town library and cultural centre are reached from the irregular pentagon-shaped, enclosed inner courtyard. The temporary exhibits of Galeria Arcis, located in the building, showcase the works of noted Hungarian and foreign artists.
Opposite the Nádasdy Castle stands the Evangelical church built in a Classicist style in the first third of the last century. From the church we arrive at the town’s Main Square, where, on this side of the Town Hall more than twenty small bells provide pleasant open-air tunes. At the square’s centre a playful fountain stands, showing the strong link between the town and its waters.
The square’s defining structure is the Church of St. László. The two-storey building of the kindergarden, located behind it, is famous for two things: the great Hungarian writer Géza Gárdonyi taught here, and Nádasdy’s school used to function within its walls.

Turning right from the castle the centuries-old plane trees of the park set up in place of the old castle moat lead us to the entrance of the Arboretum located next to the castle. The street front of this botanical garden with a notable past does not reveal the almost 10 hectares of Nature Conservancy that lies behind. Seeing the more than 100 unusual tree species offers hours of relaxation. The artificial lakes fed by the Gyöngyös creek, and the statues lining the pathways enrich the visit to the garden.

Sárvár awaits its visitors with programmes suited to the town’s touristic importance. The inner courtyard of the Nádasdy Castle gives home to a great part of these events. It is here that the International Folklore Festival, whose history goes back a decade and a half, is held. The highlight of these events, which last for nearly a week, is the carnival-like costumed parade of the participants along the streets of the town centre.
The regularly held International Brass Band Festival, the International Hussar Meetings and the Historical Days, these meetings of sung poem-songs which recall the spirit of Sebestyén Tinódi, are also linked to the castle.

As the season’s closing event, we must mention the Simon-Judas fair, which takes place in late autumn with wares being sold from half thousand tents amid a huge whirl of people.
Depending on the weather, the areas around the Boating Lake and Vadkert can offer a wide range of activities from fishing to horseriding.