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Brass Band Competition and Festival

Sárvár and brass music: those have been connected to each other by thousand of strands for years. That connection is partly built up from inhabitants and visitors who are fancy for music, partly from local musicians, bands and guest-bands on tour. This is a very tight relation as none of them can exist without the other. Audience requires music; in return musicians need their public. All this come true in Sárvár.

In 2008 was born the grand initiation that Sárvár could organize an international level competition as the city has a well-experienced brass band, it holds organizational skills gained from the Brass band Festival and last but not least Nádasdy Castle with its pentagon-shaped yard has an enthralling acoustic . The local government supported the conception so an up to par competition was organized with 12 participating brass band including the Concert Band of Sárvár in the same year. Just as before, the Festival took place for second time in 2010 as well.

Brass Bands will be evaluated according to strict and fair aspects by a professional national jury. If you like and if you are interested in special and modern brass music, you should visit this Festival. So far as you do not know this genre, you are also highly recommended to have a closer look, it is guaranteed that it is worth and your experiences will turn you into a fan of that style.